Some people prefer wine and some prefer beer, but is wine healthier than beer? And what is better for you in general, beer or wine? It is often said that a glass of red wine a day could be good for you, but is it always healthier to drink wine than to drink beer?

Is Beer More Fattening than Wine?

All alcohol contains calories, but some drinks are much higher in calories than others. In terms of calories wine is usually healthier than beer. For example a glass of italian white wine has fewer calories than a similar amount of beer. A typical pint of beer can have as much as 50 more energy than a small glass of wine.

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If you only drink a bottle of beer occasionally, it is unlikely that you would put on a lot more weight than from an occasional glass of wine. But the "beer belly" is not only a myth. If you drink often, and if you drink a lot of beer, you will probably put on some weight especially around the stomach.

Does Wine Get You Drunk Faster?

A medium size glass of wine contains approximately the same amount of alcohol as a pint of lager beer, but wine will make you drunk faster than beer. How fast the alcohol goes into your head depends on how fast it enters the blood stream. Spirits enter the blood quicker than wine or beer, but wine reaches its peak in the blood alcohol content faster than beer. The difference is not big, but a glass of wine might make you feel inebriated faster than a glass of beer.

When it comes to hangovers the differences are often individual. Some people get worse hangovers from wine and some get a hangover from beer. Red wine is more likely to cause hangovers to some people than white wine, but many people also get headaches from white wine.

Red wine , especially, has been said to be beneficial for people who suffer from heart problems or high blood pressure. There are polyphenols in red wine, substances that might relieve inflammation and that have other health benefits. Red wine is also a part of the Mediterranean diet which is thought to be healthy for the heart. Beer contains some polyphenols too, but less than red wine. It seems that wine in moderation, for example one glass with a meal, would be better for your heart and your blood pressure than beer.